Al Harrington net worth will be around $40 million by April 2022, making him one of the top-paid former basketball players globally. He makes this sum of money after being a part of an American basketball league for years. Initially, he didn’t begin his career with a professional team; instead, he started basketball at school back in 1998. His height is quite perfect for basketball; that is why he is substantially more successful than some other players who are even more experienced than him. He has played for dozens of clubs in his career from 1998 till his death which enhanced Al Harrington net worth to million dollars.

Al Harrington net worth

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Al Harrington Biography

Al Harrington Net worth$40 Million
Full NameAlbert Herrington
Famous NameAl Harrington
DOBFebruary 17, 1980
Age42 years by 2022
Zodiac SignAquarius
ProfessionFormer Basketball player, entrepreneur, and coach
Years ActiveUnknown
Marital StatusMarried
Marriage yearSeptember 12, 2009
Birth PlaceOrange, New Jersey, USA

Family details

Father NameUnknown
Mother NameUnknown
Sibling’s NameUnknown
Wife NameMichelle Harrington

Physical Appearnace

Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorHe is bald
Body SignTattoos on Hands and shoulders
Height6 ft 9 in
Weight110 kgs

Who is Al Harrington?

Al Harrington net worth

Al Harrington is an American-born former enthusiastic basketball player and currently an entrepreneur who has expertise in playing for around two and a half decades. On February 17, 1980, he was born in Orange, New Jersey, USA. By 2022, he will be about 42 years old, and he celebrates his birthday every year on February 17 with his family members and friends. He was born in Orange, New Jersey, but grew up in Roselle, almost 17 kilometers away. 

Where was Al Harrington before popularity? 

Al Harrington rose to fame after participating in the local school’s basketball team, but before it, he was not well-known and lived a mediocre life. Before fame, he spent his early boyhood days in Roselle, New Jersey, and then he enrolled in St. Patrick High School in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. It is a private school established in 2012, where many well-known personalities like Shaheen Holloway and many more have studied. However, he was lucky enough that he got the chance to perform for a team in this mentioned school. 

Al Harrington NBA wife, children, and marriage ceremony details: 

Al Harrington married his long-term girlfriend Michelle Harrington in a private ceremony on September 12, 2009. The details of his wedding date, time, and place, and nothing is known about his marriage place. Furthermore, the couple has a baby daughter named Amaya. Moreover, they don’t have a baby son, and most importantly, Al Harrington is currently dating no other girl since he loves his wife a lot. 

His presence on different social media platforms:

Apart from his professional career, he gives his social media platforms a fair amount of time to share his life-related news. So on Instagram, he has a massive fan following of 114K people, and to date, he has just uploaded 498 posts. Moreover, Twitter, which he joined in April 2009, has around 10K followers. Visit his social media accounts to get the latest details about his life. 

Al Harrington’s professional life journey from beginning till now: 

Al Harrington net worth

As a part of the Indiana Pacers: 

He used to be quite passionate about basketball; therefore, he was a part of the local school team before stepping into the bigger teams. There he performed well, so after knowing his potential, he decided to try his luck with renowned teams to get notoriety worldwide. Therefore, in 1998, he got the chance to participate in a team named Indiana Pacers. He was part of this team for around six seasons and performed well, but till 2001, his performance was not what everyone expected. Meanwhile, from 2001 and so on, he started playing aggressively, and he won several matches for his team. 

As a part of several other teams: 

Then he joined and left several teams such as the Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets, and many more from the inception of his career till his retirement. 

As the New York Knicks player:

But his experience was quite memorable with his favorite team, New York Knicks, which he joined in 2008 till 2010. Within these two years with this mentioned team, he played exceptionally well and consistently, and most interestingly, this team was paying him the most than other teams. 

As a mentor:

After retiring from playing basketball as a full-time game, he decided to teach his skills to other newbie players to make them able to play well. Therefore, many teams worldwide tried to hire him on a massive salary as a coach, but Cape Town Tigers, a South African-based basketball team, was lucky enough to have him as an assistant coach. He joined the team on December 24, 2021, and is trying hard to polish their skills with today’s basketball scenario because, with technology, games have evolved as well. 

As an entrepreneur: 

He is a successful million-dollar businessman because he runs a business of cannabis, a medicine used to relieve different mental and other health issues. The name of his company is Viola Brands which became a successful business overnight because health issues have increased due to improper sleeping routine, diet, and other reasons. Through this business, he makes thousands of dollars each month, which increases Al harrington net worth. 

Top 3 highest salaries of Al Harrington from different teams:

Al Harrington always charged more than some other basketball players because he used to be an expert gamer with an excellent track record. 

Following are his all-time highest earnings from various teams. 

  1. $10M was his highest salary which he took from the New York Knicks in 2009 for his outstanding performances. 
  2. Moreover, the same team, New York Knicks, gave him a staggering $9.2M in 2008, his second-highest salary.
  3. The Golden State Warriors gave him an $8.4M salary in 2007, his third all-time highest. 

These all and many others have helped Al Harrington NBA to touch the mark of $40M by 2022, but his earnings did not only come from basketball; however, he is an entrepreneur. 

Al Harrington’s life lessons that you should be aware of:

  1. Know your strengths: Height is his strength which he utilized effectively on the basketball field and became able to throw the balls in the basket easily. 
  2. Don’t limit your capabilities: After retiring from the NBA, he is now an assistant coach for a team and an owner of a $100M company which means life doesn’t stop even after retirement.
  3. Keep family details secret: Al Harrington has not revealed any detailed info about his parents and other family members because he thinks keeping their details is better in today’s era. 

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People May Ask

  1. How much is Al Harrington net worth by 2022?

    Al harrington net worth will be around $40M by 2022, making him one of the wealthiest basketball players in the world.

  2. Is Al Harrington still playing basketball?

    No, because on March 18, 2015, he retired from basketball permanently, and currently, he runs a business and is an Assistant coach in South Africa.

  3. Who is Al Harrington NBA dating?

    He is married to Michelle Harrington and has a daughter; thus, he is not in a relationship with anyone.

  4. How tall is Al Harrington?

    He is considerably taller than some other basketball players, at 6 feet 9 inches.