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Albert Haynesworth Net worth in 2022 will be around $45 M, which shows he is pretty rich because he is a former legendary Football defensive tackle player and has a tremendous and consistent career track record. Therefore, he made this sum of money throughout his career, and he has invested a good amount of money in different fields to help others as well. He used to be part of the Tennessee Titans and played in the exact match for over ten seasons with a continuous winning record.

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Albert Haynesworth net worth

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Albert Haynesworth Biography

Albert Haynesworth Net worth$45 Million
Full NameAlbert George Haynesworth III
Famous NameAlbert Haynesworth
DOBJune 17, 1981
Age41 years by 2022
Zodiac SignGemini
ProfessionFormer Football Defensive Tackle
Source of EarningFootball, brand endorsements, and business
Years Active2002–present
Marital StatusMarried (single now)
Marriage year2003 to 2010
Birth PlaceHartsville, South Carolina, United States

Family details

Father NameAlbert Haynesworth II
Mother NameLinda Haynesworth
Sibling’s NameNo
Wife NameStephanie Haynesworth
ChildrenAlbert III, Ahsharri, and Alaine

Physical Appearnace

Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorNo hairs
BeardFrench cut
Body SignNo
Height6 ft 6 in
Weight123 kgs

Who is Albert Haynesworth?

Albert Haynesworth net worth

Albert George Haynesworth III, who is better known by his professional name Albert Haynesworth is a former American-born NFL football defensive tackle. According to many experts, he is considered one of the best players because he was part of the Tennessee Titans for ten seasons. Albert Haynesworth played football as a defensive player even in his college days, showing his enthusiasm for football. 

Early life and education background: 

On June 17, 1981, Albert Haynesworth was born in Hartsville, South Carolina. As of writing this article, he is around 41 years old; however, he still plays football. As far as his early education is concerned, he got this from a local school in Hartsville named Hartsville High School. Most interestingly, he participated in football, track, and shot put. He transferred to the University Of Tennessee after completing his studies there. 

Albert Haynesworth’s parents:

Linda Haynesworth is his mother; however, Albert Haynesworth II is his father. Meanwhile, he does not have any siblings, which means he is the only child born to his parents. Subsequently, he has not revealed any detailed information related to his parents and siblings, where they were born, what they do, and much more. 

Albert Haynesworth’s wife and children details:

I found that his personal life is not free of bad things, according to my research. He married Stephanie Haynesworth in 2003, and the marriage remained till 2010. Albert III, Ahsharri, and Alaine, the couple, have three children. In addition to this, he also dated another girl before his marriage, and she is Brittany Jackson. 

Unfortunately, in March 2008, his wife, Stephanie, filed for divorce, and the case ran for around two years; finally, they got separated from each other in 2010. 

So by 2022, he will be single and dating no one. 

Albert Haynesworth health issues:

In July 2019, the former All-Pro defensive tackle announced that he had been diagnosed with kidney failure and needed a new one. He was looking for a kidney donor. The Vanderbilt University Medical Center successfully transplanted Haynesworth’s kidney on April 15. Zach Penny is Albert Haynesworth’s kidney donor to whom he calls angel who saved his life while giving a kidney in this serious situation. 

His social media presence:

Apart from his professional career, he also takes out some time to share his posts or updates on his various social media accounts. Therefore, on Instagram, he contains a large fan following of 26300 with around 1015 posts as of May 2022. However, his Twitter account has only 764 followers because he joined it in May 2020. 

Albert Haynesworth’s professional journey from beginning till retirement: 

If we talk about his career inception, then he started playing football during his college days. He used to be a member of the college team at the University of Tennessee. After knowing his strength, he then decided to become a full-time professional player. He waa the part of four various major National Football League teams for around ten seasons. 

Albert Haynesworth net worth

His professional career started after being selected 15th overall in the 1st round of the 2002 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans. During his first seven seasons as a Titan, he became “the best defensive tackle in the league” and a highly coveted free agent after the 2008 season. Despite signing a seven-year, $100 million contract with the Washington Redskins in 2009, he played only two seasons for the team. 

In 2011, he played for the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers before his career ended. Albert Haynesworth retired from the sport due to his terrible contract, which has been called the worst in the history of the NFL. However, many experts say that he left his professional career forever because of his health issues. He underwent a kidney transplant which made him weak to play football anymore. 

Albert Haynesworth with different teams:

He used to be part of the below-mentioned teams throughout his professional career. 

Tennessee Titans2002 to 2008
Washington Redskins2009 to 2010
New England Patriots2011
Tampa Bay Buccaneers2011

His life as a motivation for us:

His life teaches us the following three lessons that I will explain below one by one. 

  1. Consistency is a must: Albert Haynesworth played for Tennessee Titans for ten seasons, showing his consistency in football. Therefore, it is a lesson for everyone to be consistent in whatever field they have.
  2. Health is wealth: Albert Haynesworth net worth is $45M but According to him, Health is a precious gift from God because his kidney problem ended his football career, which led him to retire even if he didn’t want to retire.
  3. Money matters a lot: Albert Haynesworth net worth is around $45M, which means he plays for his fans and at the same time earns millions of dollars through which he can spend a lavish life. 

Wrapping up the article:

After telling you all the details about Albert Haynesworth net worth, I will close up the article. I hope you have gotten plenty of handy information from the above content because it is based primarily on my research. So take some time and read it out carefully to don’t miss a single point.

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People May Ask

  1. How much is Albert Haynesworth net worth in 2022?

    Albert Haynesworth net worth is $45M and he is a wealthy football defensive tackle.

  2. How much salary did Albert Haynesworth take?

    He used to take a staggering $12M as a salary.

  3. Why is Albert Haynesworth so famous?

    Following the 2008 season, he became “the most dominant defensive tackle in the league,” a highly sought-after free agent.

  4. What is Albert Haynesworth’s contract before retirement?

    Albert Haynesworth’s contract is a seven-year deal worth $100 million with the Washington Redskins.

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