Bob Menery net worth is approximately $5 million. Bob Menery provides the voice of Buffalo Wild Wings in the television commercial. Many people know him as a Voiceover man since he knows how to handle voice according to situations. 

While working as a sportscaster, comedian, YouTuber, and another social media influencer, he has earned a huge amount of money and fans.

Bob Menery Net Worth

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Bob Menery Biography

Bob Menery Net worth$5 Million
Full NameBob Menery
Famous NameBob
DOBJune 10, 1987
Age34 years
Zodiac SignGemini
ProfessionInstagram figure, comedian, YouTuber, and sportscaster
Years ActiveUnknown
Marital StatusUnmarried
Birth PlaceBoston, Massachusetts, the United States

Family details

Father NameUnknown
Mother NameUnknown
Sibling’s NameUnknown
Girlfriend NameKatie Kearney

Physical Appearnace

Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Body SignNo
Height5 ft 11 in

Who is Bob Menery?

Bob Menery Net Worth

Bob Menery is a professional Sportscaster, comedian,  Instagram influencer, and YouTuber from the United States of America. Furthermore, he became famous for his impersonation of a sportscaster in his Instagram videos, play-by-plays, and other drive-thru antics. 

In 2017, Menery posted a video on Instagram showcasing his skills as a sports commentator. From that video, his popularity skyrocketed and is going on till now. 

There are more than two million followers on the artist’s verified Instagram account. Bob’s commentary is available on his YouTube channel. His subscribers number more than 14,500.

Personal life:

Bob Menery Net Worth

Katie Kearney used to be the long-term girlfriend of Bob Menery. If we talk about her personality and habits, she is a luxury golf and travel editor who writes about golf courses, vacation spots, and places to stay. 

On February 25, 2019, Menery announced on Twitter that Katie was his girlfriend. However, nothing is quite known officially but some stories claim they were engaged.

However, they both didn’t want to reveal the insight information in front of the media, and requested media people not to say anything about their relationship.


Menery had aspirations of becoming an actor, but instead, he became well-known for his sportscaster’s voice. 

His fans liked his most popular drive-thru antics and parodies of play-by-play. Apart from this he also took part in several businesses among them one is in Wilshire Country Club. However, he also worked as an employee in Los Angeles for 5 years in a company as well. 

After four years of attempting to become an actor in Los Angeles, he decided to leave it forever. In his time at the hotel, Bob has carried the luggage of N.F.L. stars like Aaron Rodgers. Meanwhile, then afterward through his Instagram account, Bob began providing sports commentary in 2017.

On July 10, 2017, Menery posted his debut video on Instagram which made him quite a well-known figure on Instagram. He showed off his talent for commentary, and people really liked it since his voice was quite attractive. 

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Bob gained a large following on Instagram in a short period, by 2022 his account has 3.1 million followers and will increase a lot in near future. 

Apart from Instagram, he has gained a good name on YouTube. He currently has more than 100,000 subscribers to his own YouTube channel.

Ripper Magoos is the name of Menery’s podcast, in addition to his Instagram and YouTube accounts. With his friend Peter, he discusses his career and sports, news, and life in weekly broadcasts on themes like these.

Some Facts about Bob Menery:

Bob Menery Net Worth

The P.G.A. and Bob Menery had a falling out. Some of the funniest stuff Bob has posted on his social media accounts is PGA-related.

Though his use of crude humor is frowned upon by P.G.A., Bob believes that the world is changing and people need an outlet for laughter, which he provides admirably.

In addition, Bob stated that he does not monetize any of his PGA-sponsored videos, and he believes he had a significant impact on the sport’s popularity with children. 

He also makes the facetious claim that his millions of views on YouTube have inspired young people to give up playing Fortnite in favor of cheering for P.G.A. Tour players.

When Bob Menery was found through a YouTube video where he exhibited his incredible singing voice, the golf fanatic became an internet sensation. Tiger Woods and other professional players have also paid tribute to Bob. 

All Bob Menery’s P.G.A. stuff, including Matthew Wolff’s video, was removed to prevent any legal concerns with the P.G.A., which led to all this uproar. He deleted all the footage he had posted on Instagram.

Bob Menery Net Worth in different currencies:

– Dollars$5 million
– Pounds£ 3.69 million
– Euros€ 4.37 million

Finally, let me summarize: 

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People May Ask

  1. Who is Bob Menery?

    He is one of America’s best-known sportscasters and YouTube personalities.

  2. What is Bob Menery well-known for?

    Bob is well-known for his sportscaster voice and Instagram content. On Twitter, he has over 2.8 million fans.

  3. Bob Menery owns what sports team?

    Zappers‘ is the name of Bob’s team.

  4. Where does Bob Menery live?

    He and his wife live in North Andover, Massachusetts.

  5. How much is Bob Menery Net worth?

    Bob Menery net worth is around 5 million dollars.

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