Dan Greiner Net Worth is around $50 million by 2022. The vast majority of the money that he has earned has come from his business ventures. He and Lori work together. In addition to their Philadelphia home, they also have a home in Chicago where they deliver their goods from. 

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dan greiner net worth

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Dan Greiner and his wife’s combined wealth: 

Dan Greiner is an American businessman best known for his wife, Lori Greiner. According to reports, Dan Greiner net worth is estimated to be $50 million by 2022; however, his wife has wealth estimated at $150 million, so they will have a combined net worth of $200 million.

Dan Greiner Biography

Dan Greiner Net worth$50 Million
Full NameDan Greiner
Famous NameDan
Age50 (estimated)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
ProfessionChief Financial Officer at “For Your Ease Only.”
Years Active2015–present
Marital StatusUnmarried
Birth PlaceTexas, USA

Family details

Father NameUnknown
Mother NameUnknown
Sibling’s NameUnknown
Spouse NameLori Greiner ( Shark Tank host)

Physical Appearnace

Eye Colorbrown
Hair Colorbrown
Body SignNo
Height5 ft 9 in
Weight75 Kg

Who is Dan Greiner?

Dan Greiner achieved fame after marrying Lori Greiner, an American entrepreneur, creator, and host of the Shark Tank Show. The exact date of his birth is unavailable, but some speculate he is around 50 years old. In addition, he was born in the US, but we did not find any information related to his exact residence. People recognize him for his wife. Having resigned from Bell & Howell Company to join his wife Lori’s company, Dan is the CFO and Vice President of For Your Ease Only.

Dan Greiner details including his parents, education, and early life:

As of now, he has not disclosed his date of birth or residence, nor has he revealed any details about his parents. Unfortunately, there is no information available regarding which university Dan attended, nor which school he studied at. It is noteworthy that he has not revealed any information about where he spent his childhood days, his parents’ names, his siblings’ names, or any other family members’ information.

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Life of relationships and affairs:

He worked as a controller for Bell and Howell before joining his wife’s business. Dan and Lori met in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood in 1996 and became friends. Additionally, the couple later married in 2010 after almost 15 years of dating. Meanwhile, he describes it as the best decision of his life. Dan quit his job as a controller when his wife decided to start her own company. Dan Greiner’s wife developed and trademarked her jewelry holder. Lori (click here to read Lori Greiner Net Worth) and her husband became extremely wealthy due to JC Penny’s partnership with Lori.

Who is Dan Greiner’s wife? 

“Warm Blooded Shark” Lori Greiner has had a 90% strike rate since entering the reality television series in 2012. Ten of the top 20 businesses on Shark Tank are hers. Lori possesses more than 120 inventions, and she has developed more than 800 successful products. Most importantly, she has helped her husband achieve all the fame and money he has right now. 

The work of Dan Greiner?

As a husband and a CFO, Dan Greiner always looks after his wife’s business. Both husband and wife are quite attached to one another, but when it comes to business they become very centric and try to achieve something extraordinary. Furthermore, her company deals in jewelry, fragrances, and electronics to which Dan has contributed a lot while maintaining the company’s activities. She started this business over 25 years ago. Furthermore, as Chief Financial Officer, Dan manages funds and the company’s financial plans that are considered the backbone of any business. 

Dan Greiner’s professional journey that changed his life – the path to make $50 million:

Dan worked as a supervisor at Name Grant Thornton for three years before joining Bell & Howell. Dan was a controller at Bell & Howell before he quit in 1996 and started working for his wife’s company. 

Since the beginning, he has offered Lori moral support and inspiration. Dan deals with finance, logistics, and marketing at the same organization while she does sales, marketing, and compliance. 

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According to Dan, his wife Lori always supported him in all aspects of his life. Therefore, he finds himself quite lucky that he has a wife like Lori Greiner who always motivates him in every corner of life whether failure or success. 

In 1998, Lori’s empire expanded thanks to Dan’s involvement and a good amount of investment. With the success of her “Clever and Unique Creations” show on QVC, she earned the nickname “The Queen of QVC.” This caught the attention of the creators of “The Shark Tank,” and she participated in the show in 2012. 

Dan appeared with his wife in the “Beyond the Tank” television series. Fortunately, her wife’s show Shark Tank became extremely well-known in the United States, and she was even trending on several social media platforms. 

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People May Ask

1. How old is Dan Greiner?

There is no information on his age, but many media and online sources claim he is 50. They estimate this based on his appearance and his long career.

2. Who is Lori Greiner’s husband?

Dan Greiner is the husband of Lori Greiner, an investor on Shark Tank. Dan is also co-owner of the company “For Your Ease Only” and vice president and CFO.

3. Does Greiner have Jewish heritage?

Dan Greiner is considered a Jew, according to some online sources. 

4. What is Dan Greiner net worth?

Dan Greiner net worth is $50Millions.

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