Diana Jenkins Net Worth will be around $300 million in 2022. She is an entrepreneur and philanthropist from Bosnia who has achieved international prominence. She makes money through several businesses, including one named Neuro Drinks. Apart from business, she is also a human activist and has worked a lot to benefit humanity. Apart from these, you will see her on the show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on 11 May 2022. 

Diana Jenkins Net Worth

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Keep reading the article until the end to learn more about Diana Jenkins’s income, biography, house, husband, businesses, career, etc. 

diana jenkins Biography

Diana Jenkins Net worth$300 Million
Full NameSanela Diana Jenkins
Famous NameDian Jenkins
DOB14 September 1973
Age48 years
Zodiac SignScorpio 
Years Activeunknow
Marital StatusDivorced (Roger Jenkins)
Birth PlaceSarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina

Family details

Father NameRasida Catic
Mother NameSmajo Catic
Sibling’s Name2, names Unknown
Ex Husband NameUnknown

Physical Appearnace

Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlonde
Body SignNo
Height6 ft 2 in
Weight52 kg

Who is Diana Jenkins?

Diana Jenkins Net Worth

Selena Diana Jenkins, commonly known as Diana Jenkins, was born on 14 September 1973. By 2022, she will be 48 years old. Though she is quite rich, she grew up in a middle-class family in Sarajevo. She is a Bosnia entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who has her own business and lavish lifestyle. Moreover, she is the founder and CEO of the drinking company Neuro Drinks, which manufactures healthy drinks for adults and children alike. 

After telling you about Dian Jenkins in brief detail, let me tell you some things about her early life. 

Early days of life and migration: 

She was born in Sarajevo and is a native of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She didn’t come from an affluent family; rather, her family was moderately wealthy. She spent most of her early days in an apartment with her family. She was always curious to change her life, so she decided to do something better and bigger. Moreover, during some unfortunate circumstances in April of 1992 till 1995, she moved to Croatia, where she spent around a year. However, after settling there, she decided to migrate to London, UK. According to Diana Jenkins, these moves significantly altered her life. 

Below, you will get to know about her educational background. 

Education Background:

Regarding her educational background, she received her early education in her hometown. First of all, she finished her studies in economics at the University of Sarajevo. However, after moving permanently to the UK, she decided to pursue further studies at City University, London. 

Diana Jenkins Husband and divorce:

In 1999, she married Roger Jenkins, an executive in the banking industry. As soon as they met in a gym, they became friends. The couple had a happy life for around 10 years, but they decided to move away from each other. In 2011, the couple separated, and on terms, Selena Diana Jenkins received a whopping sum of around $195 million, which made her rich overnight.

The couple called them the happiest divorce because they separated happily without any dispute and called each other friends until now. Moreover, the couple had two children, Innis Jenkins, and Eneya Jenkins. Meanwhile, she recently gave birth to a daughter named Eliyanah Jenkins, but with her partner Asher Monroe. 

Where is Diana Jenkins currently living?

Basically from Bosnia, but she had changed living places a lot throughout her life. Firstly, she moved to Croatia, where she lived for a year; however, she decided to migrate to London, UK. Meanwhile, she resides in Southern California and has a luxurious and prosperous life. 

What is her most outstanding accomplishment?

She first gained attention when she became one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Moreover, she is a businesswoman with several well-known companies through which Diana Jenkins net worth skyrocketed. In addition to her business activities, she is an active humanitarian who works for the betterment of humankind. 

Diana Jenkins Parents and siblings: 

If we talk about her parents, then Diana’s mother, Rasida Catic was an accountant; however, her father, Smajo Catic, is an economist in Bosnia. She has two siblings; both are younger than her, but nothing is known about their names and ages. 

Diana Jenkins million dollars mansion:

Living in a luxury house is everyone’s dream, and Diana Jenkins is no exception. She has several luxurious houses in England and the US. But her most notable house is located in Malibu, which she bought in 2000 for 21 million dollars. However, after owning the property for almost 20 years, she decided to sell it for an astounding $125 million in 2020. But, in 2021, according to the media, she sold found this luxury property to the founder of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, for $87 million, less than her expectations. 

Her relationship with WhatsApp founder:

She doesn’t have any love relationship or affairs with Jan Koum, founder of WhatsApp. However, she engaged in business activities while selling her home to Jan Koum in 2021. Moreover, Jan Koum lives next door to Diana, and currently, she has bought another house for $100 million adjacent to the founder of WhatsApp residence. 

Diana Jenkins’s boyfriend: 

Diana got married to Roger Jenkins in 1999, but they separated in 2011; happily, they both have two children. However, she is currently dating her partner, an American-based musician, songwriter, and actor Asher Monroe Book. He is quite younger than Diana, and they both have a daughter. Diana lives in a luxury mansion with him and their three children. 

Diana’s presence on Social media platforms:

Apart from her business and other activities, she takes some time to share photos or other updates on Social media. 

  • On Instagram, she has 29.9K followers by April 2022, with 858 posts. 
  • She has only 395 followers on Twitter because she didn’t give too much time to it. 
  • https://drinkneuro.com/ is the official website of her company, Neuro Drinks. 

Diana Jenkins’s professional activities from beginning to present:

Diana Jenkins Net Worth

As a Philanthropist:

Diana is commonly known to be a humanitarian who has changed the life of many poor and needy people. He earns plenty of money through her business, but she does not spend all the money but rather gives it to different organizations. For her work, she became well-known, and people started giving her respect. She is the owner of the Sanela Diana Jenkins Foundation for Bosnia and Herzegovina to help all the poor in her home country.

Moreover, the rudimentary aim of that Foundation is to support Bosnian schools and orphanages. In 2008, she founded the Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project at UC Los Angeles. After the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti, she founded Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization alongside the actor Sean Penn. Apart from these mentioned philanthropic works, there are others, but these mentioned ones are most notable.

As an entrepreneur:

Apart from being a humanitarian, she also owns several valuable companies from which she makes a good amount of money. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of D Empire Entertainment and Neuro Drinks. from these companies; she adds thousands of dollars each month to Diana Jenkins net worth.

As a TV star:

Apart from her businesses and philanthropic roles, she also has quite a good name on TV. Therefore, she recently joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills team as a new wife for Season 12. You can watch this show from 11 May. 

Diana Jenkins life as a motivation for others:

  1. Help others: Diana Jenkins net worth is almost $300 million so through this money she can buy luxury property around the world, but she doesn’t, and helps poor and needy people with her money. So if you earn money, you should specify a certain percentage for others as well. 
  2. First earn then serve: According to Dian Jenkins first try hard to earn a lot of money, after that invest it carefully to make your money double, then invest some on charity works. 
  3. Women can bring reform too: According to Diana Jenkins women are stronger than ever before because they know about their rights. She says if I can be a businesswoman, philanthropist, and TV actor with a million dollars fortune, every woman can be. 

Wrapping up the article:

After telling you about Diana Jenkins Net Worth, all readers, it is time to conclude the article further. This article explained other life aspects such as her career, relationship, businesses, and much more. I hope the information I provided you with will help you better picture this personality. I recommend you read the article to know much more about her. 

My main aim is to give you more informative articles in the future.

People May Ask

  1. Who is Diana Jenkins dating in 2022?

    Roger Jenkins was her husband, whom she divorced happily; however, currently, she is in a relationship with American musician Asher Monroe

  2. When was Diana Jenkins born?

    Diana Jenkins was born on 14 September 1973.

  3. How old is Diana Jenkins?

    By 2022, she will be around 48 years old.

  4. Where does Diana Jenkins live in 2022?

    Originally from Bosnia, she currently lives in California, the United States of America.

  5. What is Diana Jenkins net worth?

    Diana Jenkins net worth is $300M.

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