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joel cruz children

Known as The Lords Of Scents, Joel Cruz is the most well-known figure in the Philippines. Additionally, Joel Cruz net worth according to networthypeople is $12 million dollars, and he owns a mansion in . The building has 5 floors plus a roof deck, 7 bedrooms, 2 maids rooms, a salon, a swimming pool, a spa & sauna, a mini-theater, and a gym.

It should be noted, however, that this article is focused on detailing Joel Cruz children and their birth history, so I would advise you to read the article thoroughly so as not to miss any details.

Joel Cruz kids:

  • Prince Sean
  • Princess Synne
  • Prince Harvey
  • Prince Harry
  • Charles
  • Charlotte
  • Zaid
  • Ziv 

During an interview with “Tunay na Buhay”, it was reveled that all Joel Cruz children were born via surrogacy, due to the fact that Cruz is a homosexual and therefore cannot have children of his own. Joel Cruz’s company is too strong that he spent around $1 million on surrogacy, which is around P54 million. As a result of this process, Joel Cruz children 8 in number were born as of May 2022, namely Prince Sean, Princess Synne, Prince Harvey, Prince Harry, Charles, Charlotte, Zaid, and Ziv. They all have one biological mother, a Russian woman named Lilia. She is the natural mother of all the children.

How Joel Cruz obtained his children through artificial insemination?

Joel claims that Ogie had been telling him to have children for a long time, but he just is not able to have children with a woman. Hence, surrogacy became a possibility. Joel admits that he has tried surrogacy with three Filipino women, but it is not yet legal in the Philippines. But the implantation didn’t work. In response, he turned to Russian surrogate mothers, which is legal in that country. He chose a tall, beautiful woman with a previous family so she would have a better chance of implantation.

An investment of $1 million in surrogacy:

Joel has spent at least 230,000 USD on travel, hotel accommodations, Lilia’s payment, as well as other expenses for his first set of twins, a boy, and a girl. Besides the money Lilia received from the surrogacy agency, he gave her additional funds.

In addition to the second set of twins, both boys, he also spent 210,557 USD on the third set of twins, a boy, and a girl. Joel has two different surrogate mothers for his seventh and eighth solo children; he spent 172,274 USD on each child. Despite using separate surrogates, the children were full siblings when born using Joel’s sperm and Lilia’s eggs.

Despite the challenges of raising eight children, Joel cherishes his children and they have a clear understanding of how they were born. As a family, Joel raises all the children with his own nannies.

His relationship with their mother and her family remains friendly. Lilia’s family had even planned a trip to the Philippines, but it had to be rescheduled due to COVID 19.

Joel Cruz has children with whom?

In order to give birth to children, Joel Cruz used surrogacy since he is unable to give birth naturally. He obtained the assistance of a Russian girl, Lilia, in order to accomplish this because surrogacy is not legal in the Philippines. So, Lilia is the biological mother of all eight of his children: Prince Sean, Princess Synne, Prince Harvey, Prince Harry, Charles, Charlotte, Zaid, and Ziv.

What is Surrogacy?

Throughout the course of discussing Joel Cruz kids in detail, you may have come across the term “surrogacy” several times. Most of the readers will not understand this, but do not worry, let me explain it for you.

In this process, the father’s sperm is artificially inseminated into the woman. Following this, they will deliver the newborn for you and your partner to raise. It is the surrogate mother who is also the biological mother of the children.

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