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Mark Sisson Net Worth 2022: An American-based fitness guru, food blogger, triathlete and former distance runner Mark Sisson has an approximate net worth of $18M. He has made this sum of money through numerous ways such as YouTube, businesses, and much more. Moreover, he is best known as the co-founder of a highly successful Primal Kitchen brand. Apart from this, he has compiled various food-related books.

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Who is Mark Sisson

Before telling you his Net worth and other details, let me explain who Mark Sisson is. Mark Sisson is a 68-years old experienced American fitness and food author, YouTuber, and businessman. He lives in Maine, United States with a great career track record. He rose to prominence when he released his book The Keto Reset Diet, a health blog and a YouTube channel titled Mark’s Daily Apple.

Mark Sisson’s early life and education background:

Mark Sisson was born in Maine, United States on July 20, 1953 in a financially weaker family. He has not revealed any information related to his parents, but he grew up with four brothers and sisters. Moreover, if we talk about his educational history, he studied biology from Williams College, however, we didn’t find any information related to his early schooling. From his early days, he was interested in athletics which is why he pursued this as a full-time career.

Who is Mark Sisson’s wife? 

Though Mark Sisson is always secretive about his personal life, he shared a few details about his wife. He married his long-term girlfriend Carrie whom he met in Los Angeles in 1987. With her, Mark has two kids namely Kyle Sisson and Devyn Sisson.

Mark Sisson Net Worth 2023

Due to his successful consistent career and founding brands like Primal Kitchen Mark Sisson net worth reached around a whopping $18M. His fans may wonder how he makes this much money. Don’t worry, let me clarify his earnings source. He makes a good sum of money through his brand like Primal Kitchen and a YouTube channel titled Mark’s Daily Apple through which he somehow makes $88,200 dollars every year. Apart from these sources, he has also compiled numerous books that you can buy from his website. Most importantly, he sold his famous brand for $200M in 2018, which made him and his partner rich.

Mark Sisson Biography

Mark Sisson Net worth $18 Million
Full Name Mark Sisson
Famous Name OBE
DOB July 20, 1953
Age 68 years by 2022
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Profession YouTuber, Food Blogger, Author, Marathoner and triathlete
Years Active Unknown
Marital Status Married (in 1987)
Birth Place Maine, USA
Nationality American

Family details

Father Name Unknown
Mother Name Unknown
Sister Name Unknown
Brother Name Unknown
Wife Name Carrie
Ex-girlfriend No
Son No
Daughter Devyn Sisson and Kyle Sisson

Physical Appearance

Eye Color Black
Hair Color White
Face Color Reddish-white
Disability No
Body Sign No
Height 5 ft 9 in
Weight 74 kgs

Mark Sisson’s YouTube channel details

Channel Name Mark’s Daily Apple
Owner Name Mark Sisson
Date of Creation August 29, 2007
Country of Origin America
Total views 11,729,873 (As of July 6, 2022)
Total Subscribers 156,000 (As of July 6, 2022)
Total Videos 184 (As of July 6, 2022)
Average daily views 8590
Daily earnings $245
First Video Mark Sisson’s Sprinting Workout Routine ( Uploaded 14 years ago and has 298K views)
Monthly earnings $7350
Yearly earnings  $88,200

Mark Sisson’s professional career:

As a Chairman and representative

He was named chairman of the International Triathlon Union Anti-Doping Commission after giving too much time to the sports field. Due to his expertise in sports, he remained as a chairman for 15 years continously. Moreover, he was also the representative of the IOC ( International Olympic Committee) to the ITU. Additionally, after spending half a decade, he decided to leave both positions in ITU in 2003 due to some conflicts.

As a founder

He founded his own brand titled Primal Nutrition and then Primal Blueprint Diet which got great fame within a few years. Due to which, people now know him as a food blogger.

Mark Sisson Books

Following are some of his most famous books.
1-The Primal Blueprint
2-Primal Endurance
3-The New Primal Blueprint
4-The Keto Reset Diet
5-Two Meals a Day

People May Ask

  1. How much is Mark Sisson net worth in 2022?

    According to our estimates, Mark Sisson net worth is almost $18M.

  2. How old is Mark Sisson right now?

    As he was born on July 20, 1953, that is why he is 68 years old.

  3. Who is Mark Sisson dating?

    Mark Sisson married Carrie in 1987.

  4. What is Mark Sisson’s channel name?

    Mark’s Daily Apple.


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