Smokey Robinson net worth of $150 million makes him one of the top figures in the American soul and pop music industry as a singer-songwriter, record producer, and former record executive. It is due to Robinson that the distinctive Motown sound gained enormous popularity from the 50s until the 1970s. 

Smokey Robinson Net Worth

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It was Smokey who formed the Miracles, a vocal group with great success throughout the Motown era. In the years since his breakup from the group, Robinson has been able to achieve success in his solo career. In addition, he served as Motown Records’ vice president. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame welcomed Smokey Robinson into its membership in 1987.

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Smokey Robinson Biography

Smokey Robinson Net worth$150 Million
Full NameWilliam “Smokey” Robinson Jr.
Famous NameSmokey Robinson
DOBFebruary 19, 1940
Age82 years by 2022
Zodiac SignPisces
ProfessionSinger, Writer, Songwriter and Actor
Source of EarningActing, movies, and brand endorsements
Years Active1955–present
Marital StatusMarried
Marriage dateMay 2002
Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan, the United States

Family details

Father NameWilliam Robinson
Mother NameFlossie Robinson
Sisters NameRose Ella Jones and Geraldine Burston
Brother NameGeraldine Burston
Ex-Wife NameClaudette Rogers Robinson ( Married: 1959, Divorced: 1986)
Current Wife NameFrances Glandney ( Married: 2002).
Son NameTrey Robinson and Berry William Borope Robinson
Daughter NameTamla Claudette Robinson

Physical Appearnace

Eye ColorLight Green
Hair ColorBlack
Face ColorBrownish-white
Body SignNo
Height5 ft 9 in
Weight84 kgs

Who is Smokey Robinson?

smokey robinson net worth

Smokey Robinson is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor and former record executive director. Born William “Smokey” Robinson Jr., he is better known by his stage name Smokey Robinson. He served as both leader and lead songwriter and producer of the Motown band the Miracles, for which he was additionally the principal author. Since his former career has been so outstanding in the world of music, he has gained great recognition in the field.

Smokey Robinson Net Worth 2022:

Smokey Robinson net worth of Smokey Robinson is estimated at $150 million, which makes him one of the highest-earning singers, songwriters, record producers, and former record executives in the United States. It is believed that Robinson was responsible for pioneering the distinctive Motown sound which became incredibly popular in the 1950s and 1970s. In addition to his long-term musical career, lyric writing, and other sources, he has accumulated this amount of money.

Information about his early life:

It was on February 19th of 1940, in Detroit, Michigan, when William “Smokey” Robinson Jr. was born. His current age is around 82 as of when I wrote this article. Additionally, as a result of his upbringing in a poor household on the North End of Detroit, William earned the nickname “Smokey” from his uncle Claude. After watching cowboy films with his grandpa Claude, William was given his own cowboy moniker, and his new name was Smokey Joe. From then on, William introduced himself to everyone as the well-known Smokey Joe. As time went on, Joe dropped “Joe” and simply became known by “Smokey.”

Smokey’s educational background information:

smokey robinson net worth

In order to complete his early education, Robinson attended Northern High School. The first time he became interested in music was while in college when he formed a doo-wop group known as Five Chimes. As well as studying electrical engineering, he also attended a college to carry on with his musical career but decided to leave to pursue his musical career.

Details about Smokey Robinson’s family:

A child named William Robinson Jr. was born to William Robinson Sr. an African-American father and Flossie Robinson, his mother, both of African-American heritage, into a low-income family growing up in the North End area of Detroit, Michigan, the United States. It is noteworthy that Robinson’s background is also a combination of Nigerian, Scandinavian, Portuguese, and Cherokee. During his childhood, his uncle Claude gave him the nickname “Smokey Joe” which stuck with him till the present day. His siblings comprise two sisters by the names of Rose Ella Jones and Geraldine Burston in addition to a brother by the name of Geraldine Burston.

Robinson’s professional career from its inception to the present:

smokey robinson net worth

As a result of extensive touring during the late 1950s, the Matadors changed their name to the Miracles. In 1957, Robinson met with a musical prodigy known as Berry Gordy, who assisted the Miracles to produce their first single, “Got a Job.” By this time, Robinson was studying in college, but he dropped out after the success of this first single.

Gordy then established Tamla Records, which would later become Motown Records. Following a recording contract with this company, the Miracles released “Shop Around” in 1960, which sold more than a million copies. Numerous other hits were released in the following decade. During this period, Robinson performed as the group’s main singer, composer, and performer, including “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me,” “Mickey’s Monkey,” “I Second That Emotion,” “Baby Baby Don’t Cry,” and “The Tears of a Clown.” Smokey Robinson and the Miracles were subsequently renamed.

Smokey wrote many songs for Motown Records artists in addition to the Miracles. Additionally, he produced several tracks. Among the artists who collaborated with Robinson were the Temptations, the Marvelettes, and Marvin Gaye. As a consequence of a new team of songwriters arriving at Motown, more artists started writing their own original material.

Smokey announced his retirement in 1969. As a result of his frequent travels, Robinson wanted to spend more time with his family. In the following months, the Miracles recorded one of their most popular songs, “Tears of a Clown.” This led Robinson to remain with them until his departure in 1972.

Information about Smokey Robinson’s relationship with his wife:

smokey robinson net worth

In her first marriage, Robinson was married to Claudette Rogers, who was a member of the Miracles. In 1959, the couple met and were married, but they later ended their marriage in 1986 after having two children namely Trey Robinson and Berry William Borope Robinson. As for Smokey, in 2002 he married Frances Gladney. He has been in a loving relationship with her ever since. Their daughter Tamla Claudette Robinson was born to them.

Smokey Robinson’s luxurious residences:

Smokey Robinson Net worth is over 150 million USD, he is able to purchase and sell almost any lavish property across the globe. As a consequence, Robinson sold his home in Encino, Los Angeles for $2.3 million in 2002. In addition to this, Smokey sold a Californian mansion for $7.99 million in 2014. A second property on the market is situated in the fashionable Chatsworth neighborhood of Los Angeles, where a number of celebrities reside. Originally listed for $10.5 million in 2005, Smokey relisted the property in 2007 for $10 million after struggling to find a buyer. In 2014, the sale price of $7.99 million constituted a heavily reduced final price.

Smokey Robinson’s highest earnings:

His website was valued at almost $38000 in August of 2019.
The Definitive Performance sold more than 50,000 copies at a cost of $65,000.
On the other hand, he sold roughly 500 thousand copies of his album One Heartbeat for $650,000 during another sale.
The album Being with You sold approximately 500 thousand copies for a total of $650,000.
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles marketed about 500 thousand copies of Going to a Go-Go for about $650,000.

People May Ask

  1. What will Smokey Robinson net worth be in 2022?

    Smokey Robinson net worth is approximately $150 million, making him one of the wealthiest American-born singers, lyricists, producers, and music executives with more than 4000 songs to his credit.

  2. What social media platforms does Smokey Robinson use?

    Smokey Robinson is fairly active on Instagram, where he has 139K followers and just 391 posts as of May 31, 2022. In addition, he also devotes a considerable amount of time to his twitter account, where he has 123K followers.

  3. In 2022, how old is Smokey Robinson?

    By 2022, Smokey Robinson will be around the age of 82 years of age.

  4. Who is Smokey Robinson dating at the moment?

    In 2002, Smokey married Frances Gladney, and the two have been in a loving relationship ever since. Tamla Claudette Robinson is the name of the couple’s daughter. Therefore, he is not dating anyone at the moment.

  5. What makes Smokey Robinson one of the most famous people in the world?

    The Motown sound, associated with the 50s to the 70s, was pioneered by Robinson, who is credited with devising its distinctive sound.

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