Tony Evans net worth is expected to be $10 million in 2022 making him one of the top-earning scholars and authors. In the United States, he is one of the most influential media figures. If we talk about his monthly income, then Evans earns about $30,000 a month.

tony evans net worth

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However, you may be wondering how he manages to earn so much money. Concerning noble cause and social work, Tony Evans is top of the list. A great deal of his income comes from the television shows he hosts and his role as a Religious Leader, for which he makes a lot of money. He earns an annual salary of $1.5 million per year. He has moved to the next level in a brief period, and his total assets are growing with each day.

Tony Evans Biography

Tony Evans Net worth$10 Million
Full NameTony Evans
Famous NameTony Evans
DOBSeptember 10, 1949
Age72 years
Zodiac SignVirgo
ProfessionAuthor, Public Speaker, Radio Personality
Years Active2004–present
Marital StatusMarried
Birth PlaceBaltimore, Maryland, United States

Family details

Father NameEvelyn Evans
Mother NameArthur Evans
Sibling’s NameUnknown
Wife NameLois Irene Evans (died 2019)
ChildrenAnthony Evans and Jonathan Evans

Physical Appearnace

Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Body SignNo
Height5 ft 9 in
Weight82 Kg

Who is Tony Evans?

Tony Evans was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, on September 10, 1949, as a world-renowned religious leader. He established Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in 1976 as a Christian minister and communicator.

tony evans net worth

In later years, he started The Urban Alternative, which included a television and radio show called The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans. Furthermore, he has compiled numerous books and other important things through which he has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. 

Most interestingly, his speeches have been listened to by scholars from around 130 countries which really explains his importance.

Tony Evans Net worth last 5 years:

Net worth 2022$10 Million
Net worth 2021$9 Million
Net worth 2020$7 Million
Net worth 2019$5.5 Million
Net worth 2018$3.5 Million

Tony Evans influencing the lives of people:

Being a motivational speaker and a notable religious leader, he changed the life of many who thought their life was worthless. There are plenty of speakers in the USA, but his style of speaking and convincing people through his words and gestures was exceptional. 
Initially, he was a personal driver for a rich family, now he has a doctorate in religious philosophy from Dallas Theological Seminary. This means he has done plenty of hard work to achieve whatever he has.

Personal life:

Dr. Tony Evans was born on September 10, 1949, in Baltimore, Maryland, and will turn 73 in 2022. He has a personal wealth of approximately $10 million. It was Tony who became the first African-American to graduate with a doctorate of theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. Tony Evans’ parents are Arthur Evans and Evelyn Evans respectively.

tony evans net worth

On June 27, 1970, Tony Evans married Lois Irene, and they have four children together, two sons and two daughters. Subsequently, Tony Evans’ wife died on December 30, 2019, after being diagnosed with biliary cancer. His children are also quite popular in the United States.

Wife and children:

There are four children in his family, and he is married.

Wife: Lois Irene – died of Biliary Cancer on December 30, 2019.

Children: Chrystal, Priscilla, Anthony Jr., and Jonathan.


Tony Evans started his career in 1973 when a Houston public broadcaster (KHCB) approached him while looking at his achievements. However, after the next few years, Tony gave talks for a group in Houston as a representative. 

tony evans net worth

However, he then decided to come up regularly from Houston and Dallas radio stations in 1981, and fellow subscribers to the service began fulfilling the requests. 

In 1986, Dr. Tony Evans was at the height of his fame during the National Religious Broadcasters conference. TUA’s radio service expanded rapidly and globally under the direction of Dr. Lois Evans, Senior Vice-President.

Furthermore, by the year 2022, he was recognized worldwide, and his speeches were broadcast on more than 1,400 radio stations in more than 130 countries. 

He has written plenty of informative books for readers and fans. If we talk about his total number of books then it is over 50. 

Moreover, his best-selling book is ‘The Tony Evans Bible Commentary,’ published in 2019.

Tony Evans Church:

Initially, he founded his own small church in 1976 with ten members only. However, he currently has 136 acres of land that is located between Hampton Road and Polk Street on West Camp Wisdom Road.

His Books:

There are more than 100 bible studies and booklets he has compiled. He has altered the lives of many through his books. I recommend you read one of his books once. 

tony evans net worth


Having described everything about Tony Evans, we have come to the end of the description of tony evans net worth. I hope that you can gather many valuable details about him from the information I have provided. The information that is provided above is accurate and well researched.

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People May Ask

  1. How much is Tony Evans Net worth in 2022?

    Tony Evans net worth is around $10 million by 2022, according to our research. He is an experienced author whose work is liked by the majority of people worldwide. 

  2. Why is Tony Evans so famous?

    Unlike other motivational speakers who do not motivate people too much, Tony Evans has a good sense of humor through which he can change everyone’s mind. 
    So If you don’t have any motivation, consider listening to his energetic speeches.

  3. Who is Tony Evans’ wife?

    Lois Irene is his wife to whom he tied a knot on June 21, 1970. Unfortunately, she is no more.

  4. How much is Tony’s income?

    He earns around $30,000 dollars each month, nevertheless, his yearly income has touched a whopping $2 million by 2022.

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