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will smith siblings

Will Smith Siblings details:

Will Smith, an American-based legendary actor, has three siblings namely Ellen Smith, Pam Smith, and Harry Smith. He has two sisters and a brother each with their own identity and professions. Unluckily, one of Will Smith Parents is not alive and that is his father who lost his life to a chronic disease Cancer. 

After telling you briefly about Will Smith siblings let me tell each in detail.

Ellen Smith:

will smith siblings

She is his sister and was born in 1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Is the daughter of William Smith and Helen Smith. When it comes to her professional life, she has kept a tight lid on all of the specifics. In addition to that, she hasn’t revealed anything about her educational background, her professional background, and a lot more. It is worth mentioning that she has 29K followers on Instagram, but she has only shared 16.8k posts.   

here Instagram: Ellen Smith

Harry Smith:

will smith siblings

Will Carroll Smith, Sr. and Caroline Bright’s brother has a name similar to Harry Smith’s. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Willard Carroll Smith Sr was born to Willard Carroll Smith and Caroline Bright in 1971. Willard Carroll Smith Sr is married to Ananda Lewis. In a similar fashion to Ellen Smith, he has also remained silent regarding any information relating to him. Additionally, he also uses Instagram, where he has more than 450 posts as of the end of 2022, and he has around 19k followers.   

His Instagram: Harry Smith

Pam Smith:

will smith siblings

The Smith family includes a number of siblings, the youngest of who is Pam Smith, who is the eldest of the Will Smith siblings. She was born in 1964, and today she has reached the age of 58. She is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States, and she was born in the year 1964. During our extensive research, we found out that she is an actress, and that nothing else has been revealed about her.   

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Her Instagram: Pam Smith

What are Will Smith siblings’ ages?

Ellen Smith51
Harry Smith51
Pam Smith58

Who are Will Smith twin siblings?

It may surprise you to learn that many people don’t actually know this fact, so I will tell you this for your benefit. There were two identical twins born on the same day in 1971, Ellen Smith and Harry Smith.   

Will Smith family names: 

Father NameWillard Carroll Smith Sr.
Mother NameCaroline Bright 
Brother NameHarry Smith
Sisters NamePam Smith & Ellen Smith
Ex wife NameSheree Zampino
Current wife NameJada Pinkett Smith
Son NameSmith and Trey Smith
DaughterWillow Smith

Who are Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, siblings?

Caleeb Pinkett is her only brother who was born on January 3, 1980 in Orange County, California, USA. He is 42 years old and celebrates his birthday every year on January 3. Furthermore he is a producer and actor, known for After Earth (2013), Lakeview Terrace (2008) and Men in Black 3 (2012). Furthermore, Jada Pinkett smith net worth is $50M.

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